The Case of Marimbondo power plant

Interesting contact case occurred on Brazil involving a watchman of the Marimbondo Hydroelectric Power Plant on December 6, 1978



  • 1978-12-06 - Fronteira- MG


    • landing
    • sighting
    • contact
    • telepathy

    The Marimbondo hydroelectric dam is situated about 50 kilometers of Barretos and 50 kilometers from São José do Rio Preto, on the northern border of the State of São Paulo. It was there that there was a close encounter between Jesus Antunes Moreira and the crew of a flying saucer. The protagonist had dined in Furnas camp around 17 hours of December 6, 1978. Around 18 hours he took his gun, a Taurus revolver, .38, and replaced the guard Cristiano Marinho de Araújo on guard the dam. That day was raining and Jesus was covered with a plastic cover, staying the guardhouse at the dam reinforced concrete ridge. This point allowed broad view of the dam area on both sides of the dam.

    About 20h 40m something caught the attention of the watchman. He looked north and saw a bright object about 200 meters from where he was, and about 30 degrees above the horizon.

    The device approached the watchman and at the same time decreased the brightness. When the object was 50 meters away Jesus could better define its shape: a rounded cone of approximately 3 meters in diameter. The UFO then changed direction moving parallel to the dam crest over 300 or 400 meters to the right of the gatehouse, where lasted close to 2 to 3 minutes.

    There was no noticeable noise, but Jesus believed it was a Furnas helicopter company with engineers or directors who had gone to check something on the dam. The object however was approaching, stopping about 7 meters from him.

    At the top of the cone was kind of a door. On top of this door was another door that opened. Jesus could see a human silhouette looking directly to him. The hatch closed and the ship approached the guard even more. Then it opened the biggest door where three people came outside, who stood on the platform surrounding the cone.

    One of the three beings was a woman, because it had long breasts and hair. The other two looked like twins. All had black hair, reddish skin "jambo" color, hard eyebrows. They wore one-piece jumpsuits in metallic blue color and pink gloves.

    The beings communicated with each other in a strange language and went near to Jesus. He decided to call someone who could communicate properly with the strangers and simply spoke normally to them that would call to ask someone instructed so he could talk to them. One of the beings gestured asking not to phone and return to where they were. He returned, but felt intimidated, and decided to give a shot to the ground as a warning. When he pulled the trigger nothing happened, like the gun was stuck.

    The woman carried a rectangular object the size of a shoebox. She lifted the box up to the height of the left shoulder. Soon after one of the crew spoke again being perfectly understood in Portuguese by Jesus. In the small dialogue that followed they told Jesus that he should not be afraid because they were just doing research and that in the future Jesus would participate in research if he wants. Shortly after the crew returned to the object and then took off.

    Soon after, Jesus felt dizzy, nauseated and felt his eyes burning. He immediately called his superiors telling them what happened. He was later attended by Dr. Sergio Tadeu F. Flag that confirmed that the witness was with visual hypersensitivity.



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