Guaporé case

Sighting of flying saucer and contact with crew of the object, occurred in the area of Guaporé River, Pedras Negras (RO), in 1953.



  • 1953-11-28 - Pedras Negras- RO


    • sighting
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    On November 28, 1953, Pedro Serrate and Francisco de Assis Teixeira hunted ducks in the Patos Bay, near Pedras Negras, on the Guaporé River. At one point they both noticed a strange, bluish-colored apparatus that silently flew over the region and finally landed on the water, about 50 meters away from Francisco and about 4 meters away from Pedro, who was at that moment lying in wait on the branches of a tree.

    From this position, he had a privileged view of the apparatus which was approximately 4 meters long by 2 meters high, having a basin shape and a material similar to glass, approximately one meter high and surrounding the object.

    The cover of the apparatus was curved, supported over glass and metal bars, without any apparent rivet. At the rear there was a kind of rudder, resembling a boto tail, about one meter long by 50 cm wide. Beside it was a bent tube, through which flowed a liquid similar to water.

    From the transparent material surrounding the device it was possible to observe the presence of six people, four men and two women, of human appearance, white, pink skin of jovial appearance and who were seated three on one side and three on the other. They had red hair, short on men and long on the shoulders of women. They wore thick and blue-colored clothes. Upon realizing the presence of the two hunters, the crew maneuvered the object silently, rising and disappearing at a very fast speed.

    Transcript of "O Cruzeiro" magazine article

    More recent, but not less fantastic, is the narrative of Pedro Serrate and Francisco de Assis Teixeira, residents of the town of Pedras Negras, on the Guaporé River. On November 28, 1953, the two went out to hunt ducks, in Patos Bay, two hours' walk from the village. There they arrived at different points, as is usual among hunters.

    Francisco tells that at one point he saw a device that he did not know what it was, and he followed it with his gaze until he landed on the surface of the water, some 50 meters from where he was, without doing no noise at all. Pedro, who was trapped in a tree, also saw the device, which made a speed lap on the bay stopping about 4 meters from where it was. Says Pedro Serrate:

    There was a noise at the rear of the device, a tube on either side, curved about two inches thick, and through which water was flowing, it was about 4 meters long, about 2.5 meters width and two meters height. At the rear there was a kind of rudder, a "tail boto" system ("boto" is kind of a dolphin), about one meter long for about 50 meters. In the interior were six people, seated, three on each side, four men and two women, all of whom appeared to be no more than 20.

    They appeared to be of average height and had white and pretty pink faces.The women wore their hair shoulder-length, side by side, looking like European people. All of them were dressed in very thick clothes, the same color as the device. Inside it had two volumes, one on the front and one on the back, both being covered. I do not know what they were. As soon as the strangers noticed that they had been seen, they took flight, and gave no sign. The distance between me and the device was less than three meters, when there was recognition by the crew. When it stopped flying, the device made no noise or smoke, disappearing in one second at incredible speed.

    According to the correspondent of the newspaper "The Impartial", published in Guajará-Mirim, in the territory of Guaporé, the two hunters spent a week without being able to control the nerves, impressed by what they claimed to have seen.

    Comments on this case

    1) This case involves two names that can create confusion: Rio Guaporé and Baía dos Patos. The sites mentioned throughout the case are located in the state of Rondônia, almost on the border of Brazil and Bolivia. In the State of Rio Grande do Sul, we have another Guaporé River that is tributary of the Taquari River. Also in this state, we have the Patos Lagoon, located in the gaucho coast.

    2) The reports of the case, existing in the ufological casuistry presents the name Pedro, as Pedro Serrate, as it appeared initially in the media at the time of the disclosure of the case. However, the Blog Opinion of Rondônia presents the testimony of a relative of Pedro, citing him as Pedro Serrath.