Wrestling on Bauru

It was on December 25, 1968, when we interviewed Mr. Odo de Oliveira, in our hotel. He started to work about 15 days before as a night watchman on CESP (the electric company of the State of São Paulo) substation of Bauru.



  • 1968-07-23 - Bauru - SP


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    It was on December 25, 1968, when we interviewed Mr. Odo de Oliveira, in our hotel. He started to work about 15 days before as a night watchman on CESP (the electric company of the State of São Paulo) substation of Bauru.

    The substation is approximately 4 km from the center of Bauru, and is fed by the large amount of Urubupungá waters, in the neighboring city of Jupiá. It covers an area surrounded by barbed wire, where are located two offices (one administrative and another technical, the "Tenenge", a workshop and hundreds of wires and transformers at lower level And other materials needed to lift a substation at an accelerated rate are stored there, since it should be ready within a year or so. The watch-time was from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. The "control clock" in the technical office (which is on the lower level), at one o'clock in the morning, going around the workshop (which is 40 m from the office, as seen in photo 26) , and hung the same there, as is prescribed.

    It was when he noticed, about 70m, in the ravine, behind the office, a figure of man illuminated by the lamps of the neighborhood.

    He crouched down so he could observe better, thinking of the easiest way to intercept the man inside the company grounds. He heard a noise coming from a direction near the office, where he could see another man standing in one of the windows by the door, dressed in trousers and a long-sleeved shirt, both dark. Since he now had to face two people and not having a firearm, he entered the workshop (whose door remained open) and fitted himself with a conduit (flexible hose for electrical installation) some 50 centimeters long.

    Avoiding making any noise (thanks to rubber-soled shoes), he approached the stranger in the office, who seemed to be looking into the window. To put him out of action, he vibrated with the conduit two violent blows, which, despite being addressed with dexterity and strength, were trimmed with rapid movements by the stranger, to reach the wood on the side. When we were there, 5 months later, we photographed the dent left in the wood by the blow of the conduit. The intruder had been hiding his face with a mask, watching every approach, and was thus able to enter a fight, pulling the witness's hands in his own fall, rolling both on the ground.

    While fighting, Daildo noticed that his opponent had a regular strength, but he could not observe the eyes, completely hidden by the mask (the color of the shirt) that covered his head. In the meantime he heard "grunts" from his adversary, who had nothing in common with our tongues. From one of the windows of the office, another man, equally dressed, came out, and the two of them, after 10 or 12 minutes of fighting, they almost dominated him, although Mr. Daildo, with his 22 years, robust, should be a good fighter. They were already stepping in his hand, holding and immobilizing his arm, when a third character arrived, possibly that of the ravine, presenting himself without mask, with a face of clear skin. Her hair was rusty, cut, and tougher than our own, as Daildo could verify during the struggle that continued and exacerbated.

    This character, with different clothes (more clear), increased the fight by taking from Daildo the shoes, the cover of cold and the shirt, from which the buttons jumped. He still gave him a "stride" on his left leg that he still remembers a little bit today, especially when weather change. They finally lifted him up in the air, pounding him five or six times on the ground, which took away the rest of his resistance. At this point they put him on his feet again, and beat him on the back amiably, as he uttered certain words, which Daildo did not understand, but whose meaning seemed to him:

    "Go there, you bummer, we'll come back to the end "- (Daildo's words).

    We assume that Daildo's expression should mean: "Go on, our struggle here is over."

    The other two, who had previously given the "grunts," were silent. Cautiously, always looking back occasionally, Mr. Daildo stepped back toward the stairs to call the other watchman, Mr. Antonio, who was supposed to be in the administrative office. He heard, however, behind him, the beating of a "car door." When he looked, he saw the shape of an object in the shape of a Volks van, but it had a base about 10m wide, resting on the ground, and a height of about 15m (read in Arthur Berlet's book about the "flying refrigerators", with the same or similar format).

    The vehicle rose in the air, then when Daildo "felt" a second noise accompanied by a "pressure in the air" ("frigid" in the witness's words). In an oblique ascending flight, he went to a low-voltage transformer, retreating from there, in another ascent, to pass over the high voltage network, in new zig- zag, heading towards the neighboring city of Lins (SP). This last twist made it very clear in Mr. Daildo that he had not just faced reckless office or chicken thieves.

    Together Antonio and Daildo surveyed the site, verifying that on the ground the gravel was rolled and scattered across the grass. They found the buttons ripped from Daildo's shirt, the winter cape, and a flashlight dropped from the right pocket of his pants, which had not been used because the batteries were exhausted. They also found, some 20 m from the site, the shoes of the witness, probably there thrown by the crew before their takeoff. Two office windows were open, one forced for sure. In the morning, on a Monday, when the engineers arrived at 7 o'clock, the office was made. Nothing was missing, assured Dr. Benedito Clovis dos Santos. However, signs of hands (dirty?) appeared in one of the files. The event was immediately communicated to the Police Station (Dr. Oswaldo Sena), and on the 4th following the Bauru military authorities learned of the incident, in loco, giving all the attention and seriousness to the event. There were also 2 military interviews (aeronautics), in addition to another to Reporter Esso show of Channel 4 (São Paulo). The steering modified the guard using 6 instead of the 3 night watchers.

    The witness (Mr. Daildo) has a primary education course (4th year) and has given the statements in complete safety, not having fallen into any contradiction.

    Portal Fenomenum notes

    The text above is a transcript of the Bulletin of the Brazilian Society of Flying Disc Studies (SBEDV), issue 66/68. The case of Daildo de Oliveira is presented under the title "Corpo-à-Corpo in Bauru" and is accompanied by some images that will be presented after the text. As we always do, we try to check the information in the Bulletin and when necessary we make the necessary corrections. In this specific case, we have, at the beginning of the text, the information that the Bauru substation "is approximately 4 km from the center of Bauru, and is fed by the large Urubupungá plant, in the neighboring city of Jupiah. " In fact, the Jupiá plant, which makes up the Urubupungá complex, is located between the states of São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, just over 300 km away from Bauru.

    The case was also investigated by the Brazilian Air Force, through the System of Investigation of Unidentified Aerial Objects (SIOANI), in the person of Major Zani and the soldier Aragão. These investigators interviewed the witness and were on site conducting investigations on September 19, 1968. Based on the information obtained, a report with photographs was made. In the report, we have data on the witness, the location and the facts. After measuring the site and reconstituting the episode, it was verified that the UFO landed silently 5 meters away from the administrative headquarters of CESP, being that it was approximately 5 meters high and 3 meters in diameter, in a stand-up van . It had a light blue color and bluish glow emanating from the inside. When it took off, the object emitted a sound similar to the one of frying.

    The document also presents Daildo's testimony to the military stating that one of the crew had previously been spotted at the scene:

    Transcript of excerpt from SIOANI 004 Case document

    V - Description made by the Observer

    One of the crew had already been seen once, in the same outfit (shirt and yellow pants); there was oral contact, and the observer asked that this person move away from the site - wire fence - 100 m distant from the Power Plant; response from the person: "I'm waiting for comrades who went hunting armadillo"; two days later, the same individual, now in a yellow blouse and light pants, is observed in the same position (gully); heard a noise within the control of the Central (wooden house). He went to Central; another dark-skinned individual stood by a window; he thought he was on his back, but he was actually in front, his face partially covered (only his eyes out). with a piece of conduit already in hand he tried two blows, without hitting the individual, who, aided by another, coming from inside the Central (through the window) helped the first to dominate the observer; already overpowered, was suspended and released several times to fall to the ground; abandoned by the two, received a slap on the back of the yellow shirt, followed by the following words: "Go away your tramp, we will come back when this work is finished"; the observer ran against the three crewmen; when he was about 10m from the scene of the fight, he looked back and saw that the three crewmen completed the closing of the ONI door (only now he observed the presence of ONI), followed by a noise similar to that of frying, initiating the movement of ONI.

    A skeptic would argue that the three strangers would be just human people confused by the lookout. The appearance of the crew of the device, the communication in Portuguese and its contents would be the confirmation of this hypothesis. Taking into account the location, a security environment with restricted access and the UFO sighted we can reaffirm the alien hypothesis as an explanation for the case. The communication in Portuguese is not new in ufological casuistry. Such communication is not impossible to happen since there are several radio and television broadcasts that can be easily picked up and decoded. Extraterrestrial people could capture and assimilate transmitted languages ​​very easily. The human appearance is also not new in the ufological casuistry, having numerous cases of contact with beings with human biotype. Finally, the phrases uttered by the crew of the device can have two explanations:

    1ª - They were misinterpreted by the witness, who may have misunderstood the sentences uttered.

    2º - The messages emitted were purposely confused, that is, the intention was precisely to confuse the witness.

    In any case, this case suggests a behavioral study of the station watchman, forging a situation of stress in the work environment, something already documented in other ufological cases.


    1. Position, in the ravine, where the crewman in a yellow shirt would be twice. The shack that appears is the Control Center, at which point the fight was fought and the ONI would be resting.

    2. The ladder is placed where the UFO landed

    3. The ladder shows where the fight took place

    4. Place where they hit the pipes of conduite

    5. Mr. Daíldo in front of the sign indicating the substation of CESP of Bauru. [Image of SBEDV Bulletin 66/68]

    6. Engineer Benedito Clóvis dos Santos pointing to the file that bore the signs of the activities of the extraterrestrials. [Image of SBEDV Bulletin 66/68]

    7. Place of fight in (a) in front of the technical office, the "Tenenge" in (d), the transformer and the direction of the flight in (b) and the workshop in (e). [Image of SBEDV Bulletin 66/68]

    8. Drawing by Daíldo, where we can still see in (c) the crew member in the ravine and the administrative office in (CESP).

    9. Panoramic view of the ravine. It is noted in (C) Mr. Dahldo in the place occupied that night by the alien.


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